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Motorcycle Technical

Here are some terms to help you best understand what we can offer to you for your motorcycle.

For ease, all of our motorcycle systems are 'slip-on' and/or 'bolt-on' ensuring ease of fitment, making use of the original mounting points and require mostly no or in some cases very little modification to suit.

Image A - Honda CBR 1000 RR 2009

Front Pipes/ Down pipes/ Manifold (See Image A & B #1)

This is where the exhaust system is connected to the exhaust gas exit/port of the engine.

Depending on the number of cylinders and set up, this generally ranges from 1 to 6 pipes.

Collector/ Central Body (with/without Cats) (upper & lower, LH or RH) (Image A & B #2 &3)

This is the first reduction in pipe number, i.e 2 into 1 or 4 into 2 or 1 etc

Image B - Honda VFR 750 R 1994

Final Body* (with/without Cats) (upper & lower, LH or RH) ( See Image A & B #4&5)

This is the second extension of the front pipes and could be a reduction in pipe number, i.e. 2 into 1

*Sometimes when the central and final body are one pipe, it is just referred to as the Final body pipe (Image C #2)

Silencer / Slip-on (Image A #5) (Image B #6&7)

Gernally the largest component of the exhaust system that in combination with DB killers muffle and/or tune the exhaust sound, sometimes called a 'slip-on' for short. Do see further on for more information on DB Killers/Baffles.

Assembly Kit (Image A #6) (See Image B #8)

This mostly includes; all pipe work, silencer, brackets, fasteners, clamps etc (as required for installation).

Image C - Yamaha YZF 600 R6 2006

Full Kit

An exhaust may be sold as a full kit, in this case it includes all of the above; the front down pipes/manifold, the central body, the final body, the silencer and all the; brackets, fasteners, clamps for the installation.


In most cases there is an option of material used, i.e. stainless steel, titanium and/or carbon Fibre.

Depending on your requirements one material will be more suitable to your needs, for eg. street vs race use.


Image D - DB Killer/ Baffle

DB Killer / Baffle (Image D)

This is a removable insert of the silencer that when in, muffles and/or tunes the exhaust sound to a specific DB (decibel) sound level, sometimes called a 'baffle' for short.

Common DB ratings are: DB80, DB94 and DB102 (the DB102 rated systems are baffless). Be aware with DB102 systems often one can not retro fit the DB killer(s).

For interest:

* 100 decibels, equivalent to a chain saw, pneumatic drill, printing plant, jackhammer, speeding express train, some car horns at five meters, farm tractor, riveting machine.
 * 90 decibels, equivalent to a police whistle, heavy traffic, truck traffic, noisy home appliances subway-rail train, pneumatic drill [or hammer] at one meter, ear phones [average volume], rock drill at thirty meters, some motorcycles at eight meters, shouted conversation.
 * 80 decibels, equivalent to heavy city traffic [8-9 meters], alarm clock at 3/4 meter, factory noise, vacuum cleaner, heavy truck, loud-radio music


Exhaust abbreviations used:

OMO HOMOLOGATED SILENCER - meaning street legal

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