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ANSA Exhaust  - Ferrari 308 GTB  1979
“Fits like a glove, thank you!

Capristo Exhaust  - Ferrari F458 Spider
“Not my first exhaust from Race Sound and certianly not my last

Tubi Style Exhaust  - Audi R8 V10 5.2 2012 Pre-Facelift (2009-2012)
Fitment went well, sounds amazing and I'm enjoying it. It's not as loud as I was expecting though, sounds a lot like the last one I had (client’s 2nd Tubi Style fitment)”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2012
It's worth the price and the performance is amazing. I can already see improvement in fuel economy. Thank you so much for the professionalism you have shown from day one, pls keep it up.

Capristo Exhaust  - Ferrari F355 M2.7
Always best to have a performance exhaust on a 355, love the sound!

Eisenmann Exhaust – BMW M6 Cabrio 2007
All sorted. Looks very good. The sound is amazing I will record you a video. Thank you very much Reinhart you always deliver as expected. Legend !!” Further comment: “This is my second performance exhaust system bought from Race Sound this time for my BMW E64 M6 series V10 motor, system ordered was the Eisenmann Race spec exhaust with the Oval exit pipes. The service received from Reinhart was as usual the best you can get, always updating me on the progress of the system from the beginning of the ordering process, manufacturing stage progress to final delivery to my door and was delivered on time as per day 1 of order the eta was spot on. The product received is excellent and well worth the spend as per my first exhaust system bought a few years back for my E60 M5. You won’t find that quality & sound that it produces anywhere in South Africa of a local built imitation and the sound the car produces is amazing - I don’t even use the entertainment system on-board as all I want is that V10 F1 motor sound. It’s a real head turner. The fitment of the product was done in an hour at a local fitment centre it’s bolt-on and made to perfection at the factory. It was super easy to fit on and even on both left and right side of the exit pipes the line-up perfectly. Thank you Reinhart once again, kind regards.”

Borla Exhaust – Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2019
“The Borla ATAK system on my Trackhawk is awesome. Thank you Reinhart!! It was worth the wait. This Jeep is for keeps!!”

Tubi Style – Porsche 997.1 Carrera 4S 2008
“Regarding the sound, apparently externally people like it. In all honesty I am not crazy about the sound, especially in the cabin. I am hoping it gets a bit meaner with time. My feeling is it does not sound like a Porsche from the inside....but I will leave it on for now and will add a few other components”.

Capristo – Aventador S LP740-4 2018
“The results are amazing. We were both speechless. The exhaust beat all our expectations – go see the video for yourself…”

Borla Exhaust – Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2019
“The Borla S-Type system on my Track Hawk is awesome. Made a huge difference in power and tone. It crackles and pops louder on the down shifts. It really made a huge difference from the stock system. No drone at all , although the vehicle is much louder now.”

Borla Exhaust – Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2015
The client is over the moon…. he says, “not only does it sound amazing, but there is a lot of RUBBER-NECKING!” I will definitely be looking through the available systems on the Borla website and get more sales done! Thanks once again for all the assistance, and cheers to many more units to come!.”

Tubi Style Exhaust – Ferrari F430 Spider
“Cat bypass/test pipes only.” ‘Great improvement – like a racing car now’."

Tubi Style Exhaust – Ferrari F430 Spider
“It’s not often you have suppliers excel in the motor industry or any other industry for that matter! 
I would like to compliment your service and delivery of my Tubi exhaust for my F430.  
Thank you for keeping me informed up to the point of delivery. I had the pleasure of driving my car this weekend with the new Tubi, I got to say it sounds like an orchestra to my ears! Again, thanks for your professional advice that helped me make the final choice. May your business grow from strength to strength.”

Borla Exhaust - Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 2017
“I only drove the vehicle from town to Salt River so I didn’t really have the chance to ‘enjoy’ it much….but I can say that the sound difference was phenomenal. The thing just roars now!”

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW M5 E60 2010
“What a huge difference these pipes have made to my car!! It sounds stunning!!
Thank you very much I am over the moon!!”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2014
“Fitted Exhaust and it is awesome. Just the tone I needed. A big difference from stock. Thanks for your superb service.”

Borla Exhaust - Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 2016
“Hi, just had the exhaust installed and I am glad to say it finally sounds like a real muscle car now. Very very happy!”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Ferrari 308 GTS Carb 1979
“The system is in storage for now as the car is being restored.”

Capristo Exhaust - Ferrari 575M
“The system is now installed and fits well, we used all the clamps and pieces. The sound is great and the remote works well.”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2015
“He already fitted it LOL. He couldn’t wait to hear it. It sounds awesome. Thank you again.”

Eisenmann Exhaust - X5 E70 3.0d 2009 M-kit
“I system fits great and was very easy to install, unfortunately no change to exhaust sound.” Note: we recommended the cleint remove the DPF also to improve on the sound rewards.

Capristo Exhaust - Ferrari F430 Spider 2006
“II fitted the twin sound (with valves), problem is that the demand on the car was so high that I sold it before I could hear it (the sale included the new exhaust).”

Borla Exhaust - Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 2016
“I fitted the new Borla exhaust to my Mustang. When we started it up, everybody at Hi-Q had their phones out to take video clips, as the sound is totally amazing. I am blown away with the sound of the exhaust - the car now sounds like a Mustang and I can't help but have a smile on my face when driving the car and hearing this amazing sound. Money well spent.  I really want to thank you for all your assistance and continued updates on the progress of the delivery as well as the professional manner you condone your business.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Lamborghini Murcielgo LP640 Spyder 2009
“Exhaust fitment went perfectly, although I wanted the Sport, I think I should have taken the Loud (Racing) option (as you'd recommended) - for sure the next time I'll do so :-) "

Tubi Style Exhaust - Bentley Continental  GTC W12 2007
“Exhaust fitment was 100% and sound is perfect, thank you.”

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW M5 E60 2010
“My exhaust was actually fitted back in August 2012. Thank you for your time and professionalism every time we are in touch. It still makes me happy when I have an audience to listen when I start the car. Best move I ever made."

Race Sound - BMW 650i F13 client experience
“It has been nice to talk to you via email, I get the feeling that I am in good hands. Let me think for a day or so and consider my options. One thing for sure, if I buy a performance exhaust it will be from you."

Supersprint Exhaust - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560
Dealer comment “Fitment done and went well - our client is very happy.”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2015
“Every time I drive the Jeep I'm like a little kid!! I am extremely happy with the end result.”

Borla Exhaust - Mazda MX5 2016
“Exhaust arrived in excellent condition.  It is fitted and sounds GREAT – just what I wanted. Thank you for your excellent service!”

Tubi Style - Ferrari 308GTSi 1981 (comment not received yet)

Tubi Style Exhaust - BMW M5 E60
“The sound is crazy. Don't think there is a cellphone video that could do justice to the sound. Installation went smoothly. The guys at Forsdicks BMW had big smiles on their faces when they heard the finished product. It is even louder than my Maserati GranCabio Sport. We need to talk about doing something similar to my Ferrari 458 next year. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Aston Martin Vantage V8 2010
“All received in good order, the exhaust is a masterpiece thanks. I have to tell you the exhaust is worth every cent it sounds amazing thanks."

Capristo Exhaust - Ferrari 550 Maranello (not received yet)

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW M5 E60 2010
“The service received from day 1 to receiving the item I purchased was exceptional. The delivery date was 100% as per day 1’s conversation. Every question I asked was answered the same day or next business day. The product received is excellent and well worth the spend. You won’t find that quality anywhere in South Africa and the sound the car produces is as I saw & heard on the international videos I found online on youtube and so forth, even better when heard live on the car. I had a look at well known South African performance exhaust centres which were also asking close to what I paid for this system, but their sound and look was not even 10% of what I’m getting out of the Eisenmann exhaust system. It’s a real head turner. The fitment of the product was done 45mins thanks to the 100% built to bolt on to the ca. The local fitment centre was very impressed with the product and precise fitment of the product, no issues at all encountered on fitment. Very impressed too with the delivery done via Freight Management with compliments to Mr Arjun Menon, service providers to Race Sound.”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2015
“All is good we did receive them and they are already installed. They sound great, thank you very much for your help.”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2014
“I would just like to thank you, just received the exhaust. Thank you for your amazing service and the time and effort you put into this project!” 

Supersprint Exhaust - Porsche Cayenne 958 Turbo 
“I purchased a Supersprint system for my Cayenne Turbo, it’s going very well and the car sounds fantastic.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Ferrari California
"Goods were received in excellent condition. Made my California sound really phenomenal.
Thanks for the great service! Keep up the good work."

Supersprint Exhaust - BMW X5 E70 5.0i Biturbo 2012 M Technik Kit
“This exhaust is AWESOME. It sounds like you are mounting an angry dragon. The tone(s) on this V8 BMW is better than any Ferrari I’ve ever heard. I must come show you in person. A video does not do it complete justice. Also, the tone gets better as you drive whereas the original exhaust muffles the sound completely. The V8 comes to life with this system! All the BMW techs at Donford were silent when this car started and when they did a test run the one guy could not stop grinning, in fact the “proper” M5 and M6 guys said they never heard this type of sound in a BMW before. That must tell you the story…suffice to say it was worth every cent.”

Borla Exhaust - Jeep Cherokee SRT8 2014 & Jeep Rubicon V6 3.6 2014 4 door
“Both installed. They are both awesome to say the least. The SRT8 especially sounds and performs extraordinary. I must say I'm beyond satisfied.”

Tubi Style - Ferrari 512BBi
“I ordered a Tubi system plus manifolds from Race Sound, the delivery, quality and ultimately the performance was all up to expectations, excellent service!”

QuickSilver Exhaust - Audi R8 V8 Spider 2014
“I am so happy with the sound from my R8; I now want a race pipe on my Mercedes ML63 AMG.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Audi R8 V10 5.2
“I had the pleasure of dealing with Reinhart from Race Sound when I ordered the Tubi Style exhaust system for my Audi R8 V10. I was given friendly and efficient service; the delivery for my exhaust was prompt. Before ordering my exhaust, Reinhart referred me to customer who ordered the same product, I had the opportunity to see and listen to what I was ordering (note: not always possible to do with rare cars). I received a good appraisal from the client about his experience, this gave me the peace of mind to go ahead and place my order. I was completely satisfied with my experience and would recommend anyone to use Race Sound.” DP

Tubi Style Exhaust - Porsche 997 Turbo S 2012
“The Tubi system for my cayenne is still fantastic, I also have a Porsche 997 Turbo S 2012 model, can you provide me a Tubi for this car too.”

Tubi Style Exhausts - Ferrari 348 TS 1992 & 308 QV GTS 1984
“All ready fitted myself. Had a run last week-end to Salt Rock. Sounds awesome. Feels stronger.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Ferrari Maranello 575M
“Exhaust sounds nice, a very robust sound and not too loud, almost like an American  v8, I like it and it looks good as well.”

Supersprint Exhaust - BMW Z3 M Coupe'
“All items arrived in perfect condition. System fitted today, all went well and it sounds great. I'll forward some pics to you, maybe tomorrow. Have a blessed Christmas...”

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW 650i F13 Gran Coupe
“It took us 20 min flat to fit these pipes …no sweat.. AND it looks awesome ..the client is very happy …the sound is not intrusive but you can hear it …if it was mine ..race pipes for sure ..point …but each for his own. Thanks again for everything…Hope you have a great festive season and take care.”

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW M5 E60
“The exhaust is awesome. The whole engine mapping is different. Gears change where I am not used to them changing. I now get clutching on up and down shifts and the sound is wonderful. I can drive very quietly or manual change and make the pipes scream. I am more than happy. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thank you once again for your time and patience.”

Tubi Style - Audi R8 V10 Spider
“That exhaust pipe is simply Amazing. Thanks for supplying and for the good service. I have referred a friend to you for a pipe for his RS4. Hope you can help him out.”

Tubi Style - Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni 550 2010
“The car sounds incredible. I am so pleased with the upgrade.”

Tubi Style - Ferrari Mondial T
“The exhaust was installed yesterday by Roberto, thank you very much, I am very happy and pleased with Tubi Style and with Roberto`s professionalism it was worth the wait.”

Supersprint Exhaust - Porsche 993 Turbo S 1997/8
The fitment was spot on as per the usual Supersprint standards. It is actually very loud, to be honest almost as loud as my previous bypass system, just with less drone. Overall, I'm very happy.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - Porsche Cayenne 958 Turbo
The Tubi system for my Cayenne is still fantastic, I also have a Porsche 997 Turbo S from 2012, can you please help me there too?”

Tubi Style - Porsche 997 Carrera S 3.8 2006
“Wow so much louder than any original Porsche system, it will take some getting used to being a Porsche fanatic, but very nice, thank you.”

Accessory - CTEK Battery Charger
“Thank you for the excess return payment. Also, thanks for the prompt service - I received the charger this morning.”

Tubi Style - Audi R8 V10 5.2
“I am absolutely loving it. It has transformed the car into a beast and the sound is absolutely incredible. I see my friend from joburg also got a pipe from you. I believe you will be getting another order from the EC soon.”

Tubi Style - BMW M3 E92
“Thanks I really like the exhaust, the exhaust sounds great.”

QuickSilver Exhausts - Lotus Elise SC
“Firstly let me compliment you on your professional manner in which you conducted my enquiry!
The system was delivered to my door , ex UK in a matter of a few weeks from order placement...excellent! Packaging of the system from the factory was excellent with no chance of being damaged. The exhaust itself is a work of art, beautifully made and finished. What a pity it’s hidden under panels and heat shields...it really needs to be seen!  However if it can’t be seen , it can definitely heard... the sound is great, quite loud....the car now sounds like what I believe a sports car should sound.”

Tubi Style - Audi R8 V8 4.2 Coupe’ & SpiderR8 V10 5.2 Spider
“I fitted them on both cars. They are extremely loud, but it sounds awesome. If you get any clients for the R8 exhaust, perhaps advise them to order them with valves (personal choice of course). Cars really sound awesome, I just need to get used listening the loud sound all the time. It sounds like a Lambo now. Actually on idle it sounds terrific. On take-off it starts growling. That sound is fantastic. I think I just need to get used to it. I live in an estate and the first days I took it home, my neighbours heard the sound about 200 metres away.”

Tubi Style - Ferrari 308QV
“Thank you the exhaust sounds super.”

Eisenmann Exhaust - BMW M3 E92
“Yes everything is going fantastically well thank you. The exhaust system is amazing ITO of exceeding my expectations in delivering ‘that special sound’ I only wish I had done it sooner. I must say the car does feel lighter on its feet, which is nice! A friend of mine heard my Eisenmann system last night and is stoked to say the least. He would like to know if there is an Eisenmann system you can offer him too!”

Tubi Style - Boxster 3.2S 987
“The fitment went well, without problems. The car is totally different from what it was, so much more free revving. I am happy with the product and the service.”

Tubi Style Exhaust - BMW M3 E92
“Only one thing ..... FREAKING GREAT...Now it SOUNDS like the V8 it was meant to be ....thanks again”.

Tubi Style - Bentley Continental SuperSport 2009
“The sound improvement is huge, excellent workmanship too. Many thanks.”

Tubi Style - Ferrari 308GTSi 1982
“I absolutely love this exhaust. Yes I took the LOUD and boy is it loud indeed. Made starting and driving such a pleasure. Compared to the original exhaust, this is far far superior. Thanks again.”

Tubi Style - Maserati Ghibli II 3.2 GT 1996
“Wow what a difference the Tubi Style made; it’s like the car just wants to keep accelerating and oh man I love the sound, thank you.”


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